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Hiya, I'm Connie.

Creative Executive. Producer. Writer.

Intuitive Consultant. Artist.

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Delightful Testimonies

Asha G.

"I feel that you are so talented, gifted, and smart. Not only in the channelling aspect but also in how to bring healing to the scenarios that you encounter with others.  Readings from you feel like they are based on energy and also life~science and real...and VERY helpful."

Jenna H.

"I just want to say thank you with my whole being for our reading. I didn't realize until several days later just how deep we were and what you were sharing was unpacking, demystifying, and inspiring so much. It was so healing and I am extremely grateful to you."

Abby M.

"Connie’s combination of artistic, intuitive, and interpersonal skills come together to create a unique and creative experience. Whether she's applying her skills to a team production project or a personal consultation, Connie applies her mindful perspective and skills to create individualized and personal solutions and guidance."

Colette Baron-Reid

Bestselling Author, Internationally Acclaimed Oracle Expert, Spiritual Intuitive, Personal Transformation Thought Leader, Business Strategist, Artist, and Educator
"In my 37 years of work as a professional intuitive and medium, I have encountered many talented practitioners.  So when I say that Connie Diletti is an extraordinary intuitive, and literally one of the best I have ever experienced I don’t say this lightly. Connie is one of these natural channels who can effortlessly walk outside of her “self” and compassionately, with razor-sharp clarity immediately zeroes in on where you are now, what you’re encountering within you, and also, in the conditions of your life. To be able to provide the most intimate and meaningful map of potential and possibility is beyond skillful. She sees the potential in the future but steers the vision to show a full vista so you understand the terrain and can make better choices. Not only is a reading with Connie insightful but in moments I found it shocking to be so accurately witnessed. It’s my privilege to give this testimonial.  I highly recommend a session with Connie."

Kelsey R.

"Connie spoke directly to the aspects of my life and work as applicable, in concise and real terms. I was able to draw a direct link between her insights and their application. In my life and work - both moving quickly, clarity to take action is paramount. Working with Connie has given me the ability to feel supported and take action with unsurpassed results."

Elizabeth D.

"Over the years I have built a trusting and honest relationship with Connie. Her ability to see through life's sunny highs and muddy lows has been a great navigational tool. She's always been able to help me understand things directly related to my situations and find a path through it all. Her endless creative spirit is constant and spreads to you making you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and balanced!"

Lisa D.

"I really appreciate the time Connie spent with me, using her intuition to specifically touch on different areas of my life such as Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Heart.  She gave insight in each of these areas along with advice on how to heal and make aspects of my life more positive and fulfilling.  She was kind, patient, and knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend her services, especially in a time when we need them most."
"It was such a powerful session. It looked almost casual, like a conversation over a cup of tea, but boy was it multilayered and deep.  I wasn't sure why I needed a session with you. I mean, I'm highly intuitive myself and keep a foot in the Invisible at all times. I'm in constant conversation with Spirit. But, it looks like even the very intuitive amongst us need guidance and energy from fellow human beings :) So I'm glad I listened to my Guides when they said "Si, si. Yes!! You need a session" And, what moved me yesterday, because it wasn't anything like what I expected, is that the session was like a mandala. You actually laid down a mandala! "


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