Whether you've been referred to me, know me, or are just curious, welcome to my page.

 I'm a highly sensitive empath and for the last two decades, I've been cultivating my intuition while receiving formal training in the Akashic Records, Reiki, mediumship, intuitive coaching, and divination systems.  All of the insights, messages, and downloads I bring through as a channel for Spirit flow through my human lens as a compassionate and loving professional storyteller and producer of film, television, and live events.

I offer intuitive consultations and readings to magical beings who have a deep desire to take a
multi-dimensional look at their lives; heal the past, live consciously in the present,  co-create the future, and take it all to the next level. Consultations are done over the phone or video call.
If you'd like more information - let's chat!
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- Colette Baron-Reid, Best-selling author,

oracle expert, founder of Oracle School,

and star of "Messages From Spirit" 

"In my 34 years of work as a professional intuitive and medium, I have encountered many talented practitioners. So when I say that Connie Diletti is an extraordinary intuitive, and literally one of the best I have ever experienced I don’t say this lightly. Connie is one of these natural channels who can effortlessly walk outside of her “self” and compassionately, with razor-sharp clarity immediately zeroes in on where you are now, what you’re encountering within you, and also in the conditions of your life. To be able to provide the most intimate and meaningful map of potential and possibility is beyond skillful. She sees the potential in the future but steers the vision to show a full vista so you understand the terrain and can make better choices. Not only is a reading with Connie insightful but in moments I found it shocking to be so accurately witnessed. It’s my privilege to give this testimonial. I highly recommend a session with Connie."

"Connie’s combination of artistic, intuitive, and interpersonal skills come together to create a unique and creative experience. Whether she is applying her skills to a team production project or a personal consultation, Connie applies her mindful perspective and skills to create individualized and personal solutions and guidance."

- Abby M.