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Creative Consultation & Content Development

From initial brainstorming to final execution, I provide personalized guidance to enhance the creativity and impact of your projects across various media platforms.


My strategy blends a wealth of experience across filmmaking, television, podcast production, live events, and marketing. Whether you're looking to refine a film script, develop a documentary, launch a marketing campaign, or brainstorm content that could best align with your brand, my services are designed to push creative boundaries and set new benchmarks in content excellence. Plus, my strong intuition isn’t just a bonus; it’s a core part of how I operate, making sure we navigate through the creative process smoothly and effectively!


Intuitive Readings

Experience the transformative power of intuitive readings in the Akashic Records, where I connect to your records and provide deep insights into your life’s purpose, challenges, and opportunities. These sessions offer personalized guidance, helping you to align with your highest path and highlighting choice points and decisions you are being invited to make, based on the wisdom of your soul’s journey. 

Within these readings, I also love to utilize the wisdom of oracle cards, and medical intuition, and mention the possibility of spontaneous mediumship coming through for you.


Podcast Development

Leverage my expertise in both podcasting and storytelling in my podcast development sessions, where I guide you through every step of the process from concept to launch. Drawing on my experience with the successful "Inside the Wooniverse" podcast, I can help you create engaging content, define your target audience, and produce a professionally polished podcast that captures and retains listener interest.


Business Strategy Sessions

Leveraging my extensive experience in creative and intuitive problem-solving, I offer unique insights that blend traditional business acumen with innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. Whether you’re refining your brand, expanding market reach, creating a new content strategy, launching a new product, or enhancing operational efficiency, these sessions provide strategic guidance tailored to your specific challenges and goals. 

*Individual or package sessions are available

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