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I'm a filmmaker, writer, content + event producer and advisor who is passionate about pop culture, technology and creativity. I am also highly intuitive and an expert in bringing big ideas to life.

I joined the ZoomerMedia Limited team in 2010, first working as a television producer, producing commercials, one-off specials and the acclaimed series MESSAGES FROM SPIRIT WITH COLETTE BARON-REID (VisionTV, Amazon Prime). In 2013, I became the Producer of Moses Znaimer's ideacity, a conference experience also known as Canada's 'premiere meeting of the minds'. Over the last 7-years, I have worked closely with Moses to curate, program and book hundreds of high profile presenters. 

My directorial debut HOMECOMING, a BravoFACT funded short dramatic film, is a Knight Grand Jury winner. CORPUS, a feature documentary that I directed and starred in, follows my journey in deciding what I am going to do with my body after I die. CORPUS was short-listed to participate at La Semaine de la Critique du Festival de Cannes, and has aired on television in Canada, US, Poland and Mexico.

I am the co-producer and editor of the feature documentary LIPSTICK & DYNAMITE, PISS & VINEGAR: THE FIRST LADIES OF WRESTLING. LIPSTICK & DYNAMITE was directed by documentary goddess Ruth Leitman, had a strong festival run (premiered at the TriBeCa Film Festival), ran theatrically across the US & Canada, was on broadcast (Showtime) and is distributed by Koch Lorber Entertainment.


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I am an idea generator! I am also a grounded producer, taking even the most etheric ideas and exploring ways to manifest them into 'reality'. Along the way I remain optimistic and thrive when I have a blend of space to ideate and deadlines to work towards.


I love marketing! I've lead the marketing and branding strategies for independent films, tv series and most recently the ideacity Conference. I believe that when promoting your brand you have an incredible opportunity to share a living breathing story with your audience; one that can shift and move as new tools and technology become available. Audiene engagement is my jam.


I play well with others! I've worked with everyone from very seasoned personalities to junior interns, and hey, I even have a four-year-old son! My communication skills are excellent; malleable in style, depending on who I'm communicating with. I also have a pretty stellar sense of humour, in that I believe 'every cloud has a silver lining'!


In addition to my natural intuitive abilities, I am trained in various energetic and metaphysical arts including Reiki, Akashic Records, Aura Reading, Mediumship, Human Design, Oracle Cards and Tarot. All of my energy work is grounded in the 'highest good of all' and is done with in and with the Light. I am fluent in 'woo'!


I take ownership and accountability with everything I do. I lead by example and have managed a variety of teams, ranging from one person to 50+ person crews. I'm highly empathetic and can offer a great deal of guidance when it comes to conflict resolution and relationship building within teams.


I am a present and responsive partner.  Through active listening, empathy, mindfulness and emotional sensing I tune into and connect with collaborators to align myself and 'tune into' the big vision of every project/goal.  Being attuned to my clients enable me to continually make adjustments that respond to what is needed.

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