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A Bit About Me

Everything I do celebrates life in all its intricate beauty and complexity. I am driven by a profound love for storytelling and a deep appreciation for the visible and invisible in our world,  in all its forms—from the visual and cinematic to the auditory and spiritual. In all that I create—or channel—be it a film or an intuitive session, I view it as an opportunity to delve into the richness of human experience, exploring the nuanced dance between light and shadow that shapes our existence.


Born on the ‘day of the bridge’, I am a conduit between our inner worlds and the universal stories that resonate within us. I see beauty in the everyday, in the often overlooked nooks and crannies of life, and I strive to illuminate these moments for myself and others in the spirit of self-actualization.


I’m guided by Source, an insatiable curiosity about the world and a commitment to authenticity. Whether directing a film, producing a podcast, or delving into the spiritual depths of the Akashic Records, my mission remains the same: to relentlessly pursue the exploration of truth. I am committed to uncovering and articulating the underlying threads that bind us, illuminating the complex tapestry of our shared human experience.

My Background

I am an artist, filmmaker, producer, writer and intuitive consultant, celebrated for my unique ability to intertwine the realms of storytelling and spiritual exploration. My media background spans film, television, live events, and podcasts, where my work stands out for its depth authenticity, and emotional resonance. My films have been recognized and awarded at various festivals, demonstrating my ability to capture the nuanced interplay of light and shadow that reveals the profound truths of the human condition.

Having graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a B.F.A., I've harnessed my formal training and innate creativity to produce content that enlightens, entertains, and inspires. My directorial accomplishments include "Homecoming," which won the prestigious Knight Grand Jury Prize at the Miami International Film Festival, and "Corpus," which was short-listed for participation at La Semaine de la Critique du Festival de Cannes. Additionally, my roles as editor and co-producer of the cult classic "Lipstick & Dynamite" highlight my versatile skills in crafting compelling narratives that resonate globally.

As the Producer of Moses Znaimer's ideacity conference (originally TEDCity), I produced over 300 TED-style talks. I also produced the 26-episode television series 'Messages From Spirit with Colette Baron-Reid,' while at ZoomerMedia, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime US.

Beyond the camera, my passion for spiritual growth has led me to become a seasoned intuitive consultant, deeply versed in the Akashic Records for nearly 20 years. This spiritual practice has profoundly influenced my creative approach, allowing me to infuse my projects with a layer of mysticism and insight that is both rare and captivating.


As the executive producer of the chart-topping podcast "Inside the Wooniverse," with Colette Baron-Reid, I assist in exploring the intersection of 'Fringe & Main' to an audience of nearly 1 million worldwide.

Lately, I've been channelling my energy into developing a new film, concentrating on one-on-one intuitive sessions, and facilitating group workshops for both adults and children. Additionally, I'm embracing the joys of motherhood and passionately practicing the art of ceramics!

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